The Sparrows


The Sparrows is a collaboration of two young photographers eager to share their creatively expressive art work. They distort and manipulate light in unconventional manners and uniquely portray distinctive qualities of the average individual. Their avant-garde style of portraiture is captivating and alluring. Not only are their techniques original and dissimilar to that of “typical” photography, the places in which they narrow their focus, transcend eeriness in an intriguing and stimulating fashion.

Currently, The Sparrows are expanding their photographic repertoire while re-defining the term "beauty" as it is commonly perceived. They are also working on submitting their material to any/every outlet possible in hopes of finding recognition- so if you've liked what you've seen, forward this site to anyone you know and it will be greatly appreciated!

Feel free to contact us through our email with any questions/requests/opinions/work/etc.! All opinions count!

-The Sparrows [[a.k.a. Jenny and Zach]]